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Max Melcher

3 minute read

Satya Nadella on the stage again, this time talking about the current vision of Microsoft. Digital Transformation Satya starts to give an idea of AI in context of digital transformation. Create more personal computing, build the intelligent cloud, reinvent productivity & business processes! The four core pillars for the “AI democratisation” for Sataya are: Agents, Applications, Services and Infrastructure. Demo: Intelligent Agent - Cortana Cortana will be more integrated, LinkedIn integration, reminders based on emails, health insights, integration into the action center of windows 10, add items to wunderlist, intelligent sticky notes.

Max Melcher

2 minute read

Some quick notes (more a braindump) about the last SharePoint User Group in Munich (6/14/2016) with Samuel Zuercher. Samuel was apparently a little sick, but still presented remotely! That was one of the funniest User Group in a while, I had good fun and Samuel delivered some solid info about SharePoint 2016 hybrid story. Hybrid Overview by Samuel Zuercher Start with OneDrive Shared with me does not work with mixed content.

Max Melcher

4 minute read

3 times and you have a pattern, right? This is not the first time I write a recap for the past year, (2014, 2013) - and it is always good fun to reflect the last one and plan the next one. The Past aka 2015 2015 was a super busy year for me - both work, community and private life was packed and very intense. Events I attended so many events this year, without my outlook calendar a reflection would not be possible anymore.