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Max Melcher

4 minute read

3 times and you have a pattern, right? This is not the first time I write a recap for the past year, (2014, 2013) - and it is always good fun to reflect the last one and plan the next one. The Past aka 2015 2015 was a super busy year for me - both work, community and private life was packed and very intense. Events I attended so many events this year, without my outlook calendar a reflection would not be possible anymore.

Max Melcher

7 minute read

Currently I am preparing a session for the next SharePoint Days “Hybrid Worlds” here in Munich. My first presentation topic is “Hybrid Search - everything you need to know!” with focus on the new Cloud Hybrid Search Service Application and here are some of the ideas I will present. Hybrid Options Currently I am aware of 6 feasible hybrid options: One-way Inbound Hybrid You combine SharePoint Online with SharePoint on-premises - when a user queries in the SharePoint Online Search Center, SPO connects to SharePoint on-premises and executes the same or a similar query there to get results.

Max Melcher

1 minute read

This will be just a short one - maybe it saves somebody some time and grey hairs. Situation I created a new result source that boosts some properties of people profiles in search results. During staging I forgot to check the very important radio button that the result source is of type “People”. 1 At first I did not notice that I forgot to check it - Search worked perfectly and returned people hits.