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Max Melcher

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This post will be totally SharePoint unrelated but it was so amazing that I will briefly tell you about me last week in Ölüdeniz, Turkey - with lots of pictures! So please read on if you are not afraid of great heights.

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1.5 years ago I started to learn how to use a Paraglider - and I enjoyed every minute in the air since then! It is an awesome, thrilling but still very relaxing sport - and not as dangerous as you might think. But it requires a lot of practicing and lots of technical gimmicks - an ideal sport for me. In order to improve my technique (I am still a beginner) I booked a paragliding tour with my flight school - a so called performance training - with my buddy Sebastian and traveled to Turkey (2.5 hours flight from Munich) - and we had a blast from 10/10/15 to 10/17/15.