Search results provided by Azure Search - read how I built it in this post.

Deep Dive

Max Melcher

2 minute read

This session will focus in deep detail on one top 10 business scenario and showcase how it can be enabled with apps for Office. We will review the business scenario, the architectural considerations to enable this scenario in Windows Azure and apps for Office, as well as delving into the code behind the solution. Expect to see a lot and have experts available to you to answer any of your questions and concerns.

Max Melcher

6 minute read

Recently I talked to some clients because of a “Search-First” SharePoint 2013 migration (more about this topic will follow). During a training this week I got aware of a serious issue with the “Search-first” approach, especially with the really nice Office Web Apps 2013 Search Previews you get for free (read only!). Problem Some clients want to start their migration with setting up a new SharePoint 2013 farm. This new farm then crawls the old SharePoint 2010 farm.

Max Melcher

5 minute read

SharePoint Search Federation is a really underrated feature if you ask me. You can greatly improve your company’s knowledge management and create a single point of entry to all kind of data. Federation comes into play when you can not crawl the data source (too big or too complex). With SharePoint 2013 and the very cool query templates you have literally thousand of options (to be honest you had them before but with XSLT its not that much fun) to enhance your search results.