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Max Melcher

2 minute read

This will be a quick one: I am trying to install a game from the Microsoft Store and it is stuck in “Pending” for days. I searched around and the suggested fixes did not work for me. Reset the Store Cache via wsreset.exe Run wsreset.exe as Administrator - no change. Relog into the Store App Profile picture in the top right - no change. Reset the Store App via Settings Windows-key + i Apps Installed Apps Search for Microsoft Store > System Components Search for Microsoft Store again Click on the three dots > Advanced Options Click on Reset No change.

Max Melcher

5 minute read

In this article I explain how to use Azure Logic App to monitor unattached disks in Azure. This is a very common scenario in Azure, where you have a lot of VMs and you want to make sure that you don’t have any unattached disks. This can happen if you delete a VM and forget to delete the disk, ‘I will delete this later…’. Can also be adjusted for other resources like NICs, NSGs, etc.