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Max Melcher

5 minute read

Traditions are traditions - at least when you repeat at least once, right? So last year I started to review my year with SharePoint - lets do it again. Conferences & Social 2013 started great - after several attempts I convinced my company to send me to the very last SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas - and it was epic. Not only that I covered 30 SharePoint sessions, I met friends and new friends - I knew some of them via Twitter for a long time, but meeting in person is a totally different story, of course!

Max Melcher

4 minute read

Creating Search Driven Applications is very easy with SharePoint 2013 - sometimes. For a really simple example you need 6 steps for SharePoint content (read detailed article here) Add some columns with values to a list Full crawl Create a Managed Property with the corresponding mapping Full Crawl Drop a Search WebPart (Search Result WebPart, Content By Search or one of the other options) Create a query that fits your needs Bam!

Max Melcher

1 minute read

I created another episode of the SharePoint Toolbox: SharePoint 2010 BlobCache Manager. First time I reviewed the solution with a performance evaluation and the first time ever I contributed to a Codeplex project - interesting times! You can watch it in English or German. Abstract The SharePoint 2010 BlobCache Manager enables you to control the BlobCache settings from Central Admin. You don’t have to maintain these settings on each web frontend manually.