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Max Melcher

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Some quick notes  (more a braindump) about the last SharePoint User Group in Munich (6/14/2016) with Samuel Zuercher. Samuel was apparently a little sick, but still presented remotely!

That was one of the funniest User Group in a while, I had good fun and Samuel delivered some solid info about SharePoint 2016 hybrid story.

Hybrid Overview by Samuel Zuercher

  • Start with OneDrive
  • Shared with me does not work with mixed content.
  • Hybrid sites - no provisioning support
  • No hybrid for Managed Metadata - woot?
  • App Launcher does not show full experience. Results are separated by environment - hopefully fixed soon, this will be a problem for lots of users. Confuses me, too!
  • No migration of sites - a scenario picker with support options would be great here.
  • SharePoint is like iceberg, management and end users only see the tip of it - Samuel Zuercher

    Scenario Picker

  • OneDrive
  • Hybrid Sites
  • More scenarios will follow
  • Social story

    Out of the box newsfeed not recommended. 100% same functionality as for SP2013, maybe even the exact same code.

    Site Provisioning

    Provisioning: App Model und Remote Provisioning (officepnp)Machine generated alternative text: ON PREMISE PROVISIONING THROUGH POWERSHELL to approve Site Requests oroÄsion an On Prem or Is XML that runs in a (Cn Ft±rn) including a Template -STSO (Teamstte)

    Teamsite template is the only good template  - Samuel Zuercher

    Provision site templates with site deletion policy to implement governance.

    Hybrid Search

    Configuration is complex, script-based solution is available makes your life easier!


    Solid session, free beer (thanks AvePoint!) and many like-minded! Good stuff!

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