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SharePoint Saturday

Max Melcher

5 minute read

So this was my inaugural SharePoint Saturday in my hometown Munich - the last time I couldn’t attend - and now I am fully thrilled to be part of the greatest and latest SharePoint community event in Munich - and maybe even in Germany. Hosted directly in the Microsoft headquarter in Munich (awesome office!) - with more than 400 attendees this will be fun! My agenda and some brief notes are below - the full agenda and the list of awesome speakers is here.

Max Melcher

4 minute read

300 attendees on a Saturday - all “SharePoint-crazy” - that’s what I said last year and it’s very true for this year, too! SPSBE Fun from the start at 9:00am until the official end of SPSBE (SharePoint Saturday Belgium) at around 19:30! I apparently had to optimize my session on this Saturday (50 minutes slots instead of 60!), tests my demos and pimp my slides - so I could only attend one full session (Deep Dive building solutions on the SharePoint Framework by Waldek Mastykarz @waldekm), but there was enough time for me to talk to friends, community members, BIWUG board members and other speakers - good times, good fun.