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Max Melcher

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300 attendees on a Saturday - all “SharePoint-crazy” - that’s what I said last year and it’s very true for this year, too!


Fun from the start at 9:00am until the official end of SPSBE (SharePoint Saturday Belgium) at around 19:30!

I apparently had to optimize my session on this Saturday (50 minutes slots instead of 60!), tests my demos and pimp my slides - so I could only attend one full session (Deep Dive building solutions on the SharePoint Framework by Waldek Mastykarz @waldekm), but there was enough time for me to talk to friends, community members, BIWUG board members and other speakers - good times, good fun.

Great venue, great speaker lineup - everything was great! I am leaving Belgium the second time - impressed!

Thanks again to all the sponsors who made the event possible!

Speakers & Sessions

300 attendees not only from Belgium. In general the conference covered all kind of different topics, but the main themes were Office 365 with topics like development, governance, adoption, best practices, workflows, search, apps and solutions. 24 sessions in 4 tracks - lots of stuff:


Get typing with TypeScript by David Opendries

Deep Dive building solutions on the SharePoint Framework by Waldek Mastykarz

Extend your Office 365 environment to cross-platform apps by Alexander Meijers

Introduction to SharePoint PnP by Bert Jansen

PowerApps for developers by Adis Jugo

Azure Active Directory for developers - from A to Z by Stéphane Eyskens

IT Pro

Long live On Premises, the reality of SharePoint in the Enterprise by Spencer Harbar

Preparing to Migrate from SharePoint (On-Prem) to Office 365 by Andy Talbot

Microsoft BI demystified : should we go for SharePoint 2016 BI or for PowerBI v2? by Serge Luca & Isabelle Van Campenhoudt

Exploring identity management options for Office 365 by Paul Hunt

The State of the SharePoint PowerShell Nation 2016 by Spencer Harbar

Hybrid Search - Everything you need to know! by Max Melcher


The Secrets of Engaging Employees Through The Digital Workplace by Symon Garfield

The key to a successful Office 365 implementation: Adoption by Jasper Oosterveld

The challenges of implementing document management in Office 365 by Peter Baddeley

Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps by Penny Coventry

Power Users Guide to Office 365 by Chirag Patel

Office 365 Video - How and Why? by Maarten Eekels


The SharePoint Development Story by Karine Bosch

Leverage the power of Groups! by Albert-Jan Schot

Extending Office Add-ins with Azure Container Service by Rick Van Rousselt

Analyze Your ULS Logs in the Cloud with Azure HDInsight by Edin Kapic

Set up your release pipeline for your Office/Office 365/SharePoint developments with Azure by Vincent Biret

From Design to a modern Style Guide - Branding Strategies for SharePoint and Add-ins by Stefan Bauer

Impressive schedule packed with insights and speakers from around the world.

My Session: Hybrid Search - Everything YOU need to know!

I had a really good time presenting my content about hybrid Search - and the demo gods were with me, all planned demoes worked like a charm - I uploaded my slides, but the cool stuff is in the demos and I can’t make them available: SPSBE 2016: HybridSearch

At the very beginning of my session we had some sound issues, another microphone was connected to my room - but well, we all had some fun!

During and after the talk there were like 5 to 10 questions (Data Privacy and regulation, Encryption of the content, Bandwidth requirements, implementation strategy)- but only the first 4 got a free beer from me 🙂

Good questions gives you good beer!

And I closed my session right in time for the closing SharePint and raffle!



I had a blast, once more! The SharePoint community in Belgium is really enlightening - thanks for  a great weekend!

See you latest next year Belgium!

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