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Office 365

Max Melcher

3 minute read

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There is something cool coming up! But who could explain it better than Jeff Teper? You heard him right - a full day training, deep dive, one topic - for free! Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamps around the world: Please join Microsoft MVPs Stefano Tempesta and Max Melcher for an all-day workshop in Microsoft Teams and Azure Bot Framework development! To be successful in this workshop, you should have a general understanding of Office 365 and an ability to code in JavaScript/.

Max Melcher

4 minute read

Recently I created lots of SharePoint provider hosted apps for several customers - most of them very simple apps to register a remote event receiver or send emails. But a few of them were complex business apps that used the integration options for SharePoint but stood almost separately as websites running on Azure. The first apps we created had the name .azurewebsites.net - and for some customers that looked so odd that they opened tickets and asked for confirmation if the apps are legit.

Max Melcher

5 minute read

So this was my inaugural SharePoint Saturday in my hometown Munich - the last time I couldn’t attend - and now I am fully thrilled to be part of the greatest and latest SharePoint community event in Munich - and maybe even in Germany. Hosted directly in the Microsoft headquarter in Munich (awesome office!) - with more than 400 attendees this will be fun! My agenda and some brief notes are below - the full agenda and the list of awesome speakers is here.