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Max Melcher

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MVP Award Logo

If you are on twitter and in the same filter bubble as I am you could not avoid to see many many tweets of fellow MVPs - yesterday was the global MVP reward day! And, I am happy to announce that I got re-awarded for the 2nd time!

I usually do not wait for mails - but the next one means a lot to me and I am very honoured to receive it - Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP for another year:

I assume you know about the award - if not, get more information here: Microsoft MVP Award Website

So what am I going to do with it?

My planning for the entire year is obviously not done yet - but in the foreseeable future there will be many more events that I am going to organize and attend. Firstly, there will be AzureSaturday(hopefully many more of them!). Then there will be a new SharePoint Saturday in Munich that I am helping to organize - no date yet tho. And one or more global office 365 developer bootcamp in Germany. And did I mention that there is a 10 year anniversary of the SharePoint User Group in Munich - 2018 is packed! Maybe I find enough energy to blog a little bit more, too…

Big Thanks!

I want to thank so many people for supporting me and making the most out of it: Friends, colleagues, Microsofties, fellow MVPs that make it so much more fun (especially looking at you Ben and Tom!) - and of course my wife who helps me set my priorities.

Thank you!

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