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Max Melcher

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Roughly 2 weeks after the last bootcamp its time to sum up - and share the slides!

Office 365 Dev Bootcamp in Munich / Hamburg / Berlin - a Retrospective!

In September 2017 a global initiative was launched by Jeff Teper to organize deep dive bootcamps for developers - with focus topics around Office 365, of course. I had the pleasure to organize three bootcamps in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin - and had great fun presenting and sharing hands-on experiences with ~50 attendees. Munich and Berlin were hold in English, Hamburg (only few people made it) was in German.

As of now, there have been 31 events around the globe: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Span, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States!

The preparations of the lab was the most time consuming part - even tho we got some lab content for Microsoft Teams - but really understanding the matter and getting things to actually work took me quite some time - and of course I didnt stick to the lab and tried to make it my own (guess where things did not work…?!).

Did I mention that MS Teams is awesome?

Developing for it was good fun! I enjoyed creating a check-in page that posts back to a channel, developing a custom tab that shows all checked-in attendees and the “almost” finished sandwich bot - good stuff!

Having a team-space with a chat that all the attendees could use during the event was nice! I could imagine that we repeat that (once the onboarding process is less time consuming!).

Big Thanks

Below is the list of awesome people that helped me prepared and deliver the events - it was lots of work, but I had a ton of fun because of them:

  • Stefano Tempesta - thanks for joining me in Munich!
  • Nicki Borell - thanks for joining me in Hamburg!
  • Ben Abt - thanks for joining me in Berlin!
  • Suzanna Zhuang - thanks for all the organization stuff, lunch and swag boxes!
  • Lots of people that prepared the labs!
  • Alice Piras and Isabell Fischer - my wonderful MVP Program Managers for the local support and sponsoring the venues! We even had signs in front of the rooms!

and of course all attendees - we had great, diverse and fun crowds!

Slides & Labs

We had slightly evolving presentations in all three events - but the core set of all slides are available here:

If you want to do the labs (or finish your homework!) the labs are available in this repository: https://github.com/maxmelcher/O365Devbootcamp/

Next year

No more bootcamps this year from my side - but I plan to be part of the events in the second half of next year. Looking forward to it, I had great fun and learned a lot!

See ya,

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