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Max Melcher

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First interview with Thomas Maier from Office365Akademie.de

Today I had my very first (recorded) interview. Thomas Maier from Office365akademie.de asked me some very interesting questions how to migrate from SharePoint 2007-2016 to SharePoint Online/Office 365. We talked almost 30 minutes about all challenges (there are more, of course!) you might encounter. Good fun!

Go check the video here (in German):

Topcis & questions

  • What are the pain points of a migration?
  • What are showstoppers? What can’t be migrated?
  • Do you recommend going hybrid as temporary or even permanent solution?
  • What’s your oppionion about the new migration tool for SharePoint?
  • What other tools are available from Microsoft?
  • When do you think that 3rd party tools are required?
  • What can be done by the IT department? When does it make sense to contact a partner?
  • Migrations from public cloud to German cloud? Is that possible?


So that was fun today - thanks Thomas for having me!
If German is not your thing you can post your questions to the comments and I’ll answer them there.

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