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Max Melcher

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Sub-Keynote for Developers “What’s new for Office and SharePoint Developers” by Brian Jones and Rob Lefferts.

This session will show what’s new in Office and SharePoint development and unveil new features and capabilities that demonstrate how the development model has evolved.



3.4 Million SharePoint Developers

1 Billion Office Users

They activly monitor social sites like StackOverflow and UserVoice to get feedback. They want more insight.


Context Apps

They said is several times now – context is the new thing.


New Controls for Apps

Microsoft released a new experimental package over nuget that adds html controls to apps – they showed a listview and a people picker. Good stuff.

Apps and Documents

Register a app for a file extension –.so you click on a file and it opens the specified application.

Poll Everywhere App – get live feedback via sms and represent it in a PowerPoint graph. They said they needed 3 weeks to publish the app to the market.


Robust Office 365 APIs

More public API to access data sitting in SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and more – all based on oData – cool. New possibilities for Apps – and integration options.



Actually this keynote was pretty bad. So many demo fails – incredible. I am disappointed about this.

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