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Max Melcher

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Another search session – good times!

Session by Jan Inge Bergseth (MSFT, Search Center of Excellence)

Content Enrichment

Content Enrichment is a great feature to enrich your data during crawl – actually it’s the only way to enrich at all. When the crawler index an item and if the metadata of the current item matches some criteria, the metadata are sent to a customizable web service. Important: Metadata aliases do not work! Additionally you cannot change the body field and the security descriptors – wow, the last one is bad. But you can reject documents during crawl, crawl blacklists come to my mind. This is also great for calculations based on the provided metadata (days since published > 10, as example).

Content Ingestion

Several options to integrate data from external systems:

  • No code
    • OData
    • SQL
  • Code
    • .NET Assembly
    • WCF

Important: If you develop a custom connector you should implement the methods for incremental crawling otherwise there will be slow full crawls only.


Display Templates

Important: If you don’t use the enterprise search center you do not get the html files to edit them – only the unreadable js files. Wow, tough one.



Jan showed one demo from the content enrichment, BDC to the final display templates – easy to follow, nothing to complex. The result looked like this:


I assume, the audience get the idea how powerful that new design is – or as Jan said:

The Sky is the limit

Loading scripts

There are several ways to load external javascript files:

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