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Max Melcher

1 minute read

I am a huge fan of automation and powershell  - this should explain why I really love chocolatey (a package manager to install software with powershell).

Today I created a new feed for SharePoint 2013 Development Tools: http://www.myget.org/feed/Packages/sharepoint2013dev and uploaded the very cool SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool to the chocolatey gallery. This tool helps creating and testing search querries - and search is everywhere in SharePoint 2013!


After installing chocolatey you can get a great starter toolset with one line of powershell:

cinst all -source https://www.myget.org/F/sharepoint2013dev

This installs 18 tools for SharePoint 2013 development - all of my favorites are included. I maintain a second feed on MyGet for SharePoint 2010 tools, I guess the SP2013 feed will grow and diverge over time.

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