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Max Melcher

5 minute read

Inspired by Wictor Wilén yearly blog series I try to summarize my year – last year I wanted to write one but I did not gather enough stuff to fill a page – lets try it again: Wow, 2013 was an interesting year and the time has come for my annual blog post to sum up the year that soon has passed us and looking a bit into the crystal ball for the next one.

Max Melcher

1 minute read

I mentioned Chocolatey and Powershell quite often in the last time, today I created two little helpers and uploaded them to the chocolatey gallery. The two super-awesome (and simple) packages called SharePoint.HiveShortcut.Desktop and SharePoint.HiveShortCut.Explorer - and the name indicates it, they create shortcuts to the hive folder. I could just upload the two lines of powershell on this blog, but I totally like the Chocolatey approach - makes it easy for everyone.