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Max Melcher

5 minute read

So this was my inaugural SharePoint Saturday in my hometown Munich - the last time I couldn’t attend - and now I am fully thrilled to be part of the greatest and latest SharePoint community event in Munich - and maybe even in Germany. Hosted directly in the Microsoft headquarter in Munich (awesome office!) - with more than 400 attendees this will be fun! My agenda and some brief notes are below - the full agenda and the list of awesome speakers is here.

Max Melcher

3 minute read

Watch out, I am attending a developer session! Mainly because Scott Hanselman is the speaker and I totally love his style. Developers! This session will give us a broad overview of all the new things for devs - so we start with the current options of Visual Studio: 12.7 Mio downloads of Visual Studio 2 Mio Visual Studio Code 4 Mio users of Visual Studio Team Services Demo 1: Modernization Porting sounds boring, modernization is a cooler word for it.

Max Melcher

6 minute read

Microsoft Ignite 2016 - Atlanta, Georgia - Philips Arena, 09:00 AM PDC Welcome to my almost live coverage of the Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. Two years ago I attended the very last SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas and crafted 30 blog posts - and got good feedback afterwards. So well, this year I aim at 20 posts - lets see how it goes. Please excuse typos, I do fast releases!