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Max Melcher

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My notes about the session “Introducing Codename Oslo and the Office Graph”.

Come see how we reimagined search and discovery across Office with Codename Oslo, powered by the Office Graph. Oslo enables you to work like a network, by proactively surfacing the best and relevant information across Office, tailored just for you. Learn how Office Graph transforms Office, with suite wide insights and machine learning.


Session by Cem Aykan and Ashok Kuppusamy.


Here are my notes:

Project Oslo

Personalized feed of elements - source is Yammer, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

The relevant information comes to you.


Oslo is not only for information discovery: Work as a network, Proactive and Tailored to me.

Oslo has a “presented to me” function to find presentations that were shown to me - its not clear to me how they will discover this, but it would be a cool function.


Office Graph

Content and “signals”/events across O365 auto-populating the Office Graph for teams.


Oslo will be integrated into O365, has a search as you type functionality with nice refiners.


You don’t have to change your behavior - it just works.

People view

It shows your co-workers, peers and managers - nicely presented, good insight who someone is working with.




Office Graph is extensible, personally a twitter relevancy filter would be great.

Oslo will be integrated into OneDrive, too. 1st are Office365, Yammer, Lync, Exchange. It will be available 2nd half of 2014.



LOB, External Content, External Services - examples are CRM, Ticket System, Reviews, Product Catalog. You can integrate external services and data – but no details yet, its too early.



This sounds great and very promising. Fighting the information overload, presenting data in an attractive way - who does not want that? Good session, looking forward to try Oslo out and hoping that “the relevant information comes to me”. The presentation was very entertaining and interactive, totally likes the style!


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