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Max Melcher

1 minute read

Session by Brian Randell (@brianrandell)


It started with music – and then Brian started a great session. Here are my notes!

More demos or more PowerPoint presentations?

Great question to start a session – I will copy that one!

Modern Deployment for Modern Applications

Role-back was yesterday, the new thing is role-forward! When you can deliver a feature every day, the consumer will happily install an update every day. This includes “no downtime” as a requirement.


During the session Brian showed us how to adjust the build and publish profile with Team Foundation Server 2012.

Special Bonus Points

Brian showed how to adjust the publishing so that a SharePoint App is deployed on Sharepoint.com.

My evaluation

Good session –. too bad I got distracted by sooo many mails and phone calls. I will watch the session again once the video is available.

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