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Azure Storage

Max Melcher

13 minute read

Hugo, Azure DevOps and Azure Storage Static Website - a fast and modern hosting platform for static websites

Hosting a super fast, modern, yet super-simple blog on Azure for 2$ a month? In this post, I explain, step by step, how I run this blog “serverless” and how my architecture evolved and simplified over time. Never had so much fun to blog.

Max Melcher

4 minute read

Penny Pinching: Migrating App Service to Azure Storage Website Hosting - Photo by Katie Harp - Pinterest Manager on Unsplash

I am a very big fan of Azure App Service - the flexibility and power you get from this service always amazes me. But recently Static website hosting in Azure Storage was announced and because of the static nature of this blog it would be an ideal fit! So lets see how the migration goes, right? In this lengthy post I show you how I migrated from Azure App Service to Azure Storage Static Website Hosting, from Deployment to Custom Domain.