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SharePoint Toolbox

Max Melcher

3 minute read

SharePoint is such a great product that there is always something I have not heard yet (or already forgot) and my day has only 24 hours. I try to read a lot on SharePoint Stack Exchange / Twitter / Technet– but that’s only possible if I am close to a PC. Because of that and because cleaning up the house or washing dishes without SharePoint is boring I listen to quite a lot podcasts.

Max Melcher

1 minute read

Today a new webcast on the SharePoint Toolbox was released. It’s about the very cool AutoSPSourcebuilder powershell script. Summary The webcast shows you how to create SharePoint 2013 installer package with bundled Prerequisites (so you can install SharePoint without Internet-Connection) and includes the SharePoint 2013 Cumulative Update December 2012. Language packs or even Service packs could be added, too. Its available in English and German. Feedback, questions or tool suggestions much appreciated.