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Max Melcher

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SharePoint is such a great product that there is always something I have not heard yet (or already forgot) and my day has only 24 hours. I try to read a lot on SharePoint Stack Exchange / Twitter / Technet– but that’s only possible if I am close to a PC. Because of that and because cleaning up the house or washing dishes without SharePoint is boring I listen to quite a lot podcasts. Or in the car. Or when I can not sleep. You get the idea. The following lists contains my favorite SharePoint Podcasts.

Here is my list

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  <a href="http://www.toddklindt.com/netcast/default.aspx" target="_blank">Todd Klindt’s Netcast</a>: Funny and informative – I like the show! Not only that I think he is one of the best SharePoint Admins out there, no he even has nice hair! Listen to it, I learned a lot, I wouldn’t patch a SharePoint farm without knowing that Todd approved the patch.<br /> Airs Monday every week.
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  &nbsp;<a href="http://sharepointpodcast.de/" target="_blank">SharePoint Podcast by Michael Greth</a>: This Podcast is very informative – most of the time its for IT PROs/Admins – but there are also topics for Devs. I really like the professional style, the time that Michael invests for his podcasts (not only) is really amazing!The podcast is most of the time in German – but there are really good episodes in English, too. Listen to his “English Week”<br /> Weekly updates.
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  <a href="http://www.sharepointpodshow.com/" target="_blank">Rob, Nick and Brett in the SharePoint Podshow</a>– awesome combo. I totally like the mixture of the topics – many guest speakers and lots of MVPs, good stuff!<br /> Most of the time there is one show a month.
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  Bi-weekly SharePoint talks – very nice speakers with <a href="http://www.themossshow.com/" target="_blank">Hilton Giesenow</a>. I like the show, in my opinion he has the coolest intro/outro of all the podcast, really cool song.
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  <a href="http://hanselminutes.com/" target="_blank">The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselmann</a> – this is totally not about SharePoint you think? Scott is not even the greatest SharePoint fan as it seems. But: He covers a lot of topics, sometimes not even technology related. I totally love that mix – and some of the topics are bleeding edge and will hit SharePoint land (several years later).
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  Freshly started podcast about .NET Open Source projects -&nbsp; <a href="http://seriouslyopen.com/" target="_blank">Seriously Open</a> – sounds promising! The first real episode was about Glimpse – if you never heard about that, maybe give the podcast a try!





Am I missing something?

Please, if you think I missed a podcast or something interesting, leave a comment.

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