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Max Melcher

4 minute read

The session by Jeff Teper will show us whats coming for SharePoint! Expectations are always highest. Here we go, Jeff enters the stage: SharePoint ecosystem is healthy - we saw that slide already at May, 4th event:  And now a very good overview slide of SharePoint and whats it good for: Session Scope In this sessions 4 major areas will be covered:

Max Melcher

6 minute read

So Ignite is over - and I am pretty impressed how fast the content is available! I followed the first conference (we even had a community hangout during the first keynote) of this style closely via twitter - and the feedback there was quite interesting! Most importantly for me as a SharePoint guy, was of course the announcements of SharePoint 2016. And well, you can be of different opinion of the rescheduled release - but lets focus on the positive side: It’s the first time that we publicly hear what is coming and what will be changed: over a year ahead!