Search results provided by Azure Search - read how I built it in this post.


Max Melcher

2 minute read

I’m reading Search, Search and Search in the description of the session by Neil Hodgkinson (@Nellymo) – so what could go wrong? 🙂

Why hybrid? Everything in one search index is a great solution for global spanning enterprises. No more spinning up VPNs to connect and search for company data is of great value. Line of Business (LOB) data can be indexed, too - and you dont have to migrate the entire application to make the data available.

Max Melcher

4 minute read

The session by Jeff Teper will show us whats coming for SharePoint! Expectations are always highest. Here we go, Jeff enters the stage: SharePoint ecosystem is healthy - we saw that slide already at May, 4th event:  And now a very good overview slide of SharePoint and whats it good for: Session Scope In this sessions 4 major areas will be covered:

Max Melcher

6 minute read

Microsoft Ignite 2016 - Atlanta, Georgia - Philips Arena, 09:00 AM PDC Welcome to my almost live coverage of the Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. Two years ago I attended the very last SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas and crafted 30 blog posts - and got good feedback afterwards. So well, this year I aim at 20 posts - lets see how it goes. Please excuse typos, I do fast releases!