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Max Melcher

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' Staying current with the always evolving Azure platform is not an easy task. Here are some tricks and websites to make this a little bit easier:

Azure Learning Paths & Certifications


The learning paths are super helpful to discover and master Azure topics - they are free but still very high quality. Once you have done some learning paths, I highly recommend getting Azure certifications - they are great in the CV and help you speak the ‘Azure language’. 

Azure Friday

Is it Friday again? The time of the week to stay current with short information presented from Scott Hanselman in ‘Azure Friday’. In these easy to digest 10-15 min videos Scott and his guests will present the best and latest in azure technologies and beyond.



Are you learning with your ears? Travelling a lot? Then maybe subscribe to an Azure podcast to stay current - the mentioned Azure Friday is available, too: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Azure-Friday

Or ‘The Azure Podcast’ going back till 2013 with lots of Azure engineers sharing their expertise: http://azpodcast.azurewebsites.net/ 

Azure Community: Events & Social Media

A while back I would have recommended to attend local community events, user groups or Azure Saturday’s - most of them are now fully virtual and its always great to connect with like-minded people: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/community/events/

Additionally, follow Azure engineers, PMs, advocates on Azure - the folks are very easy to reach there: https://twitter.com/azure 

Azure Updates


Last but not least, Azure updates - the central place for all new and updated Azure things. If you want to have the latest news, features and sometimes even retirements, watch this page!

How about you?

You have other tricks? Things that work for you?
Share them in the comments!

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