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// August 2019

Max Melcher

69 minute read

As of writing this post (August 8th, 2019) there are 159 Azure Policies available and 111 are in preview (and 27 deprecated). In this post I try to come up with a decent set of ‘common sense’ policies that can prevent data leaks or other issues, I focus primarily on security-related policies. Some of them are so essential, that I would always recommend to enable them - some of them are very specific, so let us use the old consultant wisdom: “it depends”!

Max Melcher

3 minute read

In Hugo version 0.56 a native deployment command was introduced to deploy your blog/website to various cloud providers - one of them is Azure. In this post I show how I simplified my deployment pipeline with this command. Hugo deploy The Hugo deploy command uses Azure CLI and your config.toml / config.yaml file and checks for a [deployment] section. Additionally, you need to have two environment variables present - even tho the documentation says you have to use az login (thats incorrect, it works without).