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Max Melcher

2 minute read

Session with Bill Bear and Rick Taylor about all things hybrid.


Here are my notes:

Hybrid Scenarios

Bill started with hosting scenarios from traditional, private and public cloud options:


If you are in doubt check if there is a bigger company in your area that moved to the cloud

Business Needs

Different view to meet business needs is to look at the time to deliver:


and your application needs: dynamic scale required? uptime sla?

Why hybrid?

There are special scenarios where hybrid is a good idea e.g. limited bandwidth.


More hybrid functionality is coming

Unified Managed Metadata (yeah!!!)

Unified Auditing

Hybrid Workloads

  1. Search: Index onPrem data storages and unify them in the SharePoint Online Search Index.
  2. Business Connectivity Services: Complex to setup because of two-way authentication, only OData datasources
  3. OneDrive: redirect to the online service
  4. TeamSites: The site app shows tiles from both onPrem and SPO
  5. Social: basically Bill showed Yammer-embed here
  6. Auditing: Hybrid auditing unifies login, view of documents and more in a single place.


Room was packed full, Bill and Rick did a very solid session with tons of infos – good stuff!

If you start with hybrid, you might like my hybrid search post – hybrid search is a very good starting point and key for a sucessful hybrid strategy.

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