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Max Melcher

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This is a last minute call for SP24 - The free 24h worldwide SharePoint conference – the free 24h worldwide SharePoint conference starts today/tomorrow and I am presenting!


Register for FREE now (it is not too late) and skip lunch, breakfast – or what every you are doing and be part of the great community event! 1 month ago you had to pay at least $1,500.00 to see some of the speakers – again SP24 is free!


  • SP24 lasts for 24 hours and will follow the sun from New Zealand to Hawaii.  It will begin on April, 16th 2014 at 10 pm GMT and will end 24 hours later.
  • SP24 will feature speakers that are voted for by the community (Note: some slots are already reserved for experienced speakers and world-renowned SharePoint experts) – you can see the agenda here.
  • SP24 sessions will be hosted live and you will have the possibility to interact with the speaker and other attendees through integrated chat.
  • SP24 has 2 tracks, one to appeal to Business Users and one for Technical Users such as developers and administrators.
  • SP24 is going to be held entirely on-line.
  • SP24 is completely FREE!

My Session: Search-First Migration for SharePoint 2013 – Benefits / Disadvantages

I was lucky enough to grab a session – you can watch the teaser here for it:

Official Start:

**GMT time: 17.04.2014 11:00 AM GMT

German time: 17.04.2014 01:00 PM CEST**

I will be in the chat during my session and answer question!

So, who stays up the whole time?

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