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Max Melcher

1 minute read

Yesterday the SharePoint 2013 SDK (Preview) was released and that made me thinking:

What are my wishes for SharePoint 2013

  1. FAST for SharePoint as Service Application
  2. That’s my top wish. Easier provisioning of FAST and easier (cheaper :)) licensing, e.g. coupled with ECALs, would help FS4SP to cover more ground.
  3. The same applies to Reporting Services with SQL 2012 (Denali) so I think my wish could come true.

  4. jQuery Integration (no silverlight anymore! )

  5. Drag and Drop everywhere

  6. More ajax / WCF-Webservices

  7. Metro-Style MasterPages

  8. Better Linq for SharePoint

  9. Support impersonation!

  10. Powershell everywhere

  11. Configuring something in the Central Administration and the option to get the configuration changes as a powershell script - would love it! I heard somewhere that’s the way Exchange does it…


More wishes to come

I think that’s a good start, I will update the post with more wishes over time.

How about your wishes? Share them please!


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