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Max Melcher

4 minute read

GitHub Enterprise Server with AAD and MFA

GitHub Enterprise Server with Azure Active Directory Authentication (GHEAADPROXY) With GitHub Enterprise Server Version (GHE) 3.0.6 as self-hosted VM, you can configure SAML authentication backed by Azure Active Directory. This protects the web interface, you get conditional access policies with Multi Factor Authentiction powered by Azure Active Directory. Sessions do expire after a configurable lifetime, then the user must re-authenticate. With the current out-of-the-box design, GHE does not require the same authentication on the git command line.

Max Melcher

3 minute read

Running containers on Azure

If you want to run a container, most of the customers I talk to, immediately think about Kubernetes – this is obviously a correct answer, but there are plenty of other options available on Azure. In this post I am providing a quick overview of all the options. Firstly, I start with the standalone container options followed by the container orchestration options.