Search results provided by Azure Search - read how I built it in this post.


Max Melcher

3 minute read

In Hugo version 0.56 a native deployment command was introduced to deploy your blog/website to various cloud providers - one of them is Azure. In this post I show how I simplified my deployment pipeline with this command. Hugo deploy The Hugo deploy command uses Azure CLI and your config.toml / config.yaml file and checks for a [deployment] section. Additionally, you need to have two environment variables present - even tho the documentation says you have to use az login (thats incorrect, it works without).

Max Melcher

2 minute read

Installing VSCode with Chocolatey in 18 seconds

I had to reset my Surface and reinstall every tool. That would be a very time consuming job - but it is 2019 - and can be automated very efficiently.
In this post, I show you how and what I install on every new PC I get with Chocolatey - with Azure in mind.